Knowing your income style =
better income results.

The plans you keep are the ones you believe in. Your plans for retirement are no different, but what is your personal retirement income style?

The good news: You’ve been defining it your entire career.

The hard truth: It can be extremely difficult to define it in any meaningful and actionable terms.


Introducing The RISA®

RISA® stands for Retirement Income Style Awareness.
Think of it as a counseling session between you and your retirement income plan. At the end of the session (generally only 15 minutes of your time), you get a clear set of results defining how you would like to source your retirement income and a planning strategy that fits your preferences.

Who is The RISA® for?

While we believe everyone will benefit from taking the RISA®, generally those who will benefit most are:


Those who are 10 years from retirement to those who are 10 years into retirement.


Those who have been searching for a way to make sense of their retirement planning approach.

Why does the RISA® exist?


New Life, New Skills

You’ve spent years learning how to build wealth during your career, and at this point, you’re probably pretty good at it. Yet, even after an entire career, retirement can feel so sudden. The RISA® begins building the skill of retirement.


A Strategy for Strategies

There are so many “retirement strategies” out there. The RISA® helps create a strategy for finding the right one.


Advisor Advice

Often, advisors are giving you advice based on their style, not yours. Really. The RISA® defines your style so you can communicate it properly – and know when someone isn’t steering you the right way.


Oil the “Old” thinking

Advisors are often STUCK in old thinking. They do not see the difference between accumulating assets and retirement income. The RISA® helps you recognize the change in approach that is needed.


I think it is the best I have seen at getting to the essence of the way to best architect a person's financial retirement plan.

Wow, RISA is very impressive ... I think the scientific, agnostic and iterative process is frankly somewhat revolutionary and certainly sets your team apart from the normal crowd. I find the approach thoughtful, deliberate, curious and quite refreshing.

Why did we make the RISA®?

Smooth transition

Developing a retirement plan is frequently overwhelming. The RISA® is an easy-to-use framework to help you transition into retirement.

One size fits you

There are many credible retirement income strategies. The RISA® helps you find the one that best resonates with you.

Apply the implied

The RISA® brings to light the qualities in a retirement plan you are looking for but were having trouble voicing.
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Choosing funk over punk

You decide your music preferences why let someone else be your retirement DJ? Define which genre of retirement strategies is best for you.

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Choosing lawyer over logger

You spent years deciding your profession, understand how you want to pay yourself a retirement salary for the next 25 to 30 years.

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