Supercharge Your Practice: A 3-Part Masterclass

For CFP CE credit fulfillment: required attendance parts 1 + 2 only

August 28th-30th, 2023

12-1:30PM EST

Don’t miss your chance to join us for a 3-part masterclass to see how you can leverage the innovative Retirement Income Style Awareness (RISA®) assessment to personalize retirement income planning, build stronger client connections and future-proof your practice.

(All attendees will also receive an exclusive special offer to help increase your ROI)

Your Masterclass Hosts

Wade Pfau, Ph.D., CFA, RICP®


Alex Murguia, Ph.D.


What’s up with the RISA?

The RISA, a psychology-backed, research-driven income personality assessment, empowers individuals approaching or planning for retirement to identify and define their personal preferences for generating retirement income. For advisors, this represents a powerful way to differentiate their services by taking a personalized approach to retirement income planning, facilitating more meaningful discussions with their clients and ultimately building trust and loyalty within client relationships. This upcoming masterclass is available for CFP CE credits. Parts 1 + 2 are the only sessions for which attendance is required to fulfill CE credit obligations. Attendees will benefit from an exclusive offer at the end to put what they learn into practice.

See What Advisors Are Saying:

"A psychological evaluation of your thoughts and concerns about the financial aspects of retirement. A completely different approach to personal finance than anything I have seen before.”

Randy T.

"It’s been helpful when you’d get to the planning part and it was like pulling teeth to actually implement it. This is because no matter how vague or specific my questions are they don’t know what they don’t know about themselves. The RISA cuts into their true preferences and gives me a guide to know how to plan them."

RISA Advisor

"RISA is the first science-based, structured process that I have found which helps set a foundation for how a client may best connect with and implement their Retirement Plan. It enables me to focus on creating an optimal Retirement Income Plan that is most aligned to their emotional and financial personality. Instead of more FinTech, RISA is personality measurement tool that helps take “customized planning” to the next level."

Neal, Retirement Planner

Interested in the opportunity to work directly with Alex & Wade to maximize the impact of the RISA at your firm?

Don’t miss the Supercharge Your Practice: A 3-Part Masterclass. Space is limited! Join us on August 28th to August 30th from 12:00-1:30PM EST.

The RISA 3 Part Masterclass Agenda

More about The RISA

The RISA, is like an income personality test for your clients that reveals:

How does it work?

The RISA examines the factors that go into retirement income decisions to help your clients identify their true preferences and define financial implementation types, retirement income concerns and funding propensities.

Build Stronger Connections

Identifying the retirement income strategies that resonate with clients leads to higher quality meetings, deeper personal connections and better advice.

Improve Consistency

Create a consistent client experience from accumulation to retirement income planning using the RISA survey to keep client preferences top of mind.

Improve Outcomes and Deepen Client Engagement

Advisors using the RISA can define strategies that match their clients’ personalities more closely than ever before.

Future Proof Your Practice

Expand your retirement income planning playbook by curating a variety of credible strategies in a truly fiduciary manner.

Maintain a Fiduciary Standard

By identifying the right strategy for every client, you can confidently document how client preferences informed selected retirement income strategies.

Learn More about RISA’s Online Educational Community:

As part of the RISA subscription, you will receive an automatic membership to our RISA online educational community led by none other than industry leader Wade Pfau.

Here we will provide all the educational material you need to:

  • Learn about the RISA Framework
  • Provide training opportunity to other members of your firm
  • Discuss the RISA concepts to clients
  • Interpret the RISA results for a client

Additionally, we will have:

  • Regular office hours
  • A Private LinkedIn Forum for community

And did we mention, we are in the process of providing these with CE credits? Many advisory membership and consulting groups easily charge upwards of $2,000 per advisor per year for these consulting benefits.

All included with your RISA firmwide license.

Join Us!

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