The RISA®: How It Works

What it means for you when you take the RISA® Questionnaire.


Jan J.

A good way to assess what makes you tick in regard to retirement planning and helps you identify your true areas of concern.

Carol S.

The RISA process makes you focus and think about how you perceive risk, how you see the future, how you will be planning for unknown events and how to come into a cohesive form of planning to fit a person's personality.

Carlos F.

RISA provides one of the most complete and comprehensive assessments of your current/perceived financial personal knowledge / behaviors in a non-threatening way.

Christina Z.

It's a way to find out what your real priorities are as they relate to retirement and then how you might set up a plan that actually reflects those priorities.

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How It Works

The Retirement Income Style Awareness® Profile, the RISA®, is a series of questions asked to help identify your true retirement preferences. Once completed, your results can help you (or your advisor) define strategies that match your personality closer than ever before.

It examines the decision-making factors that you consider among the various retirement income decisions and identifies your best fit. Your RISA® Profile takes the best that psychology and financial planning has to offer.

The RISA® is the first financial personality assessment that identifies your retirement income style and implementation approach.


1. Sign Up

You will receive via email a link to log in and an email with instructions to set your password.

2. Answer the Questions

The majority of the questionnaire is done through you choosing between two statements. On the left and right will be a position on an aspect of retirement, and you select which one you feel stronger towards. There are no right or wrong answers, just your own preference. 

3. Send and Review

Review your full multipage report on your retirement style. You can use it yourself to inform your retirement decisions, or share it with your advisor to help create a better plan.

The Insight You Can Gain:

Primary Retirement Income Style and RISA® Profile

The RISA® measures a variety of factors related to how one would like to source their retirement income. It then translates the style into a snapshot of appropriate, viable approaches that fit these preferences.


Financial Implementation Matrix

The Matrix helps you identify your particular financial implementation style and how you prefer to implement financial tasks. The matrix is built on two key measures: "advisor usefulness" and "retirement income self-efficacy."


Retirement Income Concerns

This measures the level of worry you feel about achieving our four main retirement objectives. The concerns are listed below:






Secondary Retirement Income Factors

In addition to the RISA® Primary Factors, we developed four secondary factors to provide further refinement of the RISA® Profile. It's broken into four categories discovering preferences with retirement funding around:

  • Front vs. Backloading
  • Accumulation vs. Distribution
  • Time-Based vs. Perpetuity
  • Technical Liquidity vs. True Liquidity

Adam J.

I think it is the best I have seen at getting to the essence of the way to best architect a person's financial retirement plan.

Clay S.

I think it is the best I have seen at getting to the essence of the way to best architect a person's financial retirement plan.

Eric T.

The most insightful and actionable tool I've found to help guide the retirement planning process.

Randy T.

A psychological evaluation of your thoughts and concerns about the financial aspects of retirement. A completely different approach to personal finance than anything I have seen before.

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