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Our Retirement Income Style Awareness® Profile (the RISA®) helps you choose the retirement plan that feels right to you.


20 Minutes to Retirement Income Clarity

Our Retirement Income Style Awareness® Profile, the RISA®, examines the decision-making factors that you consider among the various retirement income decisions and identifies your best fit.

Your RISA® Profile takes the best that psychology and financial planning have to offer.

The RISA® is the first financial personality assessment that identifies your retirement income style and implementation approach.


White Paper

How to Select a Retirement Income Strategy that is Right for You

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Case Study

Seeing Eye to Eye: When spouses have different retirement income preferences.


Research Paper

A Model Approach to Retirement Income: Discover you Retirement Income Style

How would you describe the RISA®?

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Adam J

Wow, RISA is very impressive ... I think the scientific, agnostic and iterative process is frankly somewhat revolutionary and certainly sets your team apart from the normal crowd. I find the approach thoughtful, deliberate, curious and quite refreshing.

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Clay S

I think it is the best I have seen at getting to the essence of the way to best architect a person's financial retirement plan.

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Sarah W

It's an evaluation of how you'd be most comfortable and most successful in funding your retirement.

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Eric T

The most insightful and actionable tool I've found to help guide the retirement planning process.

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Randy T

A psychological evaluation of your thoughts and concerns about the financial aspects of retirement. A completely different approach to personal finance than anything I have seen before.