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Find out how your style helps you identify a retirement plan that will resonate.

Knowing Your Income Style Matters More than You Think
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Your decision. Really!

Your Retirement Income Style should guide how you create your retirement paycheck.

Not getting this right will lead to throwing away over 30 years of hard work that contributed to building up your portfolio for retirement.

Hitting the reset button once retired is accompanied with significantly reduced expectations (and it’s expensive too).

Choose the Right Strategy from the Start

Don’t brace for impact as you transition into retirement. While retirement planning doesn’t come with instructions, it would be great if you had a way to help you figure out the best strategy for how you like to approach financial decisions.
Introducing good news, the RISA®!

RISA®, which stands for Retirement Income Style Awareness, is a 15-minute assessment designed to help you more clearly understand which retirement income strategies align most closely with your preferences.

Think of it as a counseling session between you and your retirement income plan with clear next steps so you know where to begin and how to implement your plan.
Don’t leave your retirement income plan to chance. Create the right strategy with your preferences front and center.
How do I begin my plan?

Investing for retirement is different. Some folks read this statement with blissful ignorance and other’s read everything there is to know about retirement planning. Both tend to quickly become overwhelmed and still don’t know where to begin.

The RISA® helps you transition to retirement with an easy-to- use framework and an emphasis on the income sourcing strategies that are most comfortable, so you have that ever elusive starting point.

You’re in Control

Have you ever wondered if what you read or hear about a retirement income plan is more a reflection of someone’s own personal biases or convenient business decision? It most likely is. Everyone has a style.

There are many credible approaches and the best one is the one that is most aligned with your style, rather than someone else’s.

With the RISA®, you don’t have to wonder. Approach retirement with the confidence of being in control.

Define Your Style

Your preferences dictate your life, from what to have for lunch to what music you listen to and the career you pursue.

But it can be a challenge to define the role your preferences play in your retirement strategy.

The RISA® helps surface the qualities you’re looking for, making them easy to communicate to your advisor.

How It Works

A series of questions

The Retirement Income Style Awareness® Profile, the RISA®, is a series of questions asked to help identify your true retirement preferences. Once completed, your results can help you (or your advisor) define strategies that match your personality closer than ever before.
It's an evaluation of how you'd be most comfortable and most successful in funding your retirement.
Sarah W

Examines the decision-making factors

It examines the decision-making factors that you consider among the various retirement income decisions and identifies your best fit. Your RISA® Profile takes the best that psychology and financial planning has to offer. The RISA® is the first financial personality assessment that identifies your retirement income style and implementation approach.
The most insightful and actionable tool I've found to help guide the retirement planning process.
Eric T

Retirement clarity in 3 steps:

1. Sign Up
You will receive via email a link to log in and an email with instructions to set your password.
A psychological evaluation of your thoughts and concerns about the financial aspects of retirement. A completely different approach to personal finance than anything I have seen before.
Randy T
2. Answer the Questions
The majority of the assessment is done through you choosing between two statements. On the left and right will be a position on an aspect of retirement, and you select which one you feel stronger towards. There are no right or wrong answers, just your own preference.
RISA provides one of the most complete and comprehensive assessments of your current/perceived financial personal knowledge/behaviors in a non-threatening way.
Carlos F
3. Send and Review
Review your full multipage report on your retirement style. You can use it yourself to inform your retirement decisions, or share it with your advisor to help create a better plan.
I think it is the best I have seen at getting to the essence of the way to best architect a person's financial retirement plan.
Clay S
The Insight You Can Gain
Retirement Income Style & RISA® Profile
The RISA® measures a variety of factors related to how one would like to source their retirement income. It then translates the style into a snapshot of appropriate, viable approaches that fit these preferences.
Financial Implementation Matrix
The Matrix helps you identify your particular financial implementation style and how you prefer to implement financial tasks. The matrix is built on two key measures: "advisor usefulness" and "retirement income self-efficacy."
Retirement Income Concerns
This measures the level of worry you feel about achieving our four main retirement objectives.
Secondary Retirement Income Factors
In addition to the RISA® Primary Factors, we developed four secondary factors to provide further refinement of the RISA® Profile.

The Retirement You’ve Always Dreamed Of is Just a Click Away

Uncover your retirement income preferences and the strategies that align with them, helping you pursue retirement income and a brighter future with confidence and clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

After creating an account, you’ll be asked a series of questions that will help determine your retirement income preferences.

There are no right answers to these questions, and they don’t involve any information about any accounts. Just statements that you feel you agree with or not.

After completing the questionnaire, you’ll be presented with your RISA report, which will explain how you scored and give you insights into how you’ll be best served in your retirement.

The questions will take you roughly 15 – 30 minutes to complete, depending on how much deliberation you’d like to give each question.

At the bottom of each page there is a “Save” button that will allow you to return and continue your RISA at another time.

Absolutely! There is a downloadable PDF version which can be shared however you like, or even printed if you’d like to discuss your results with a financial professional.

No, the RISA is a personal assessment that should be used to uncover one’s own retirement preferences. It can be very helpful for a partner to also take a RISA, so strategies can be created that account for both profiles.

Yes. RISA uses the latest in encryption technology to ensure your data is kept safe. In addition, the RISA does not collect any personal information outside of your name and email. 

The Retirement You’ve Always Dreamed Of is Just a Click Away

Uncover your retirement income preferences and the strategies that align with them, helping you pursue retirement income and a brighter future with confidence and clarity.