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The purpose of Retire With Style is to help you discover the retirement income plan that is right for you. The first step is to discover your retirement income personality. Your hosts Wade Pfau, PhD, CFA, RICP and Alex Murguia, PhD walk you through creating and implementing a retirement plan that will help you reach your goals, and that you’ll be able to stick with.

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Episode 130: YouTube Live Q&A (Part 2)

In this episode, the conversation covers various aspects of long-term care, including qualifying for long-term care insurance, alternative options for funding long-term care, and the role of Medicaid. Alex and

Episode 129: YouTube Live Q&A (Part 1)

In this conversation, Wade Pfau and Alex Murguia discuss retirement planning and how to determine how much can be spent from a portfolio without running out of money. They touch

Episode 122: Thinking Like A (Financial) Economist

In this conversation, Bob French interviews his father, Ken French, a professor of finance, about key concepts in economics and investing. They discuss the concept of marginal cost and marginal