Episode 25: What is Your Funded Ratio? Part 1

In the episode, Wade, Alex, and very special guest Bob, discuss the Funded Ratio – a household balance sheet oriented approach to analyzing your retirement income plan. Your Funded Ratio answers a very simple question – do you have enough to meet your fu…

Episode 24: What is the Retirement Income Challenge?

In this episode, Wade and Alex talk with Bob French about Retirement Researcher’s upcoming Retirement Income Challenge. Creating a retirement income plan – especially one that fits you – is not easy. But the Retirement Income Challenge will give you all …

Episode 23: What Are Your Spending Patterns in Retirement

In this session, Wade and Alex sit down with expert David Blanchett to discuss his research around the retirement spending smile. Find out how what you spend during the first phase of retirement differs from your second and third phase. We discuss in dep…

Episode 22: How to Get Those Unknown Expenses in Retirement Right, Pt 2

While expectations are one thing, in life “results vary.” In the episode, Wade and Alex break down how to think about those unexpected expense projections that are tough to pin down.

This episode is sponsored by Retirement Researcher https://retirementr…

White Papers

How the Retirement Income Style Awareness Informs Retirement Income Recommendations

But our Retirement Income Style Awareness (RISA®) tool identifies retirement income solutions based entirely on your unique profile.

How to Select a Retirement Income Strategy that is Right For You

But our Retirement Income Style Awareness (RISA®) tool identifies retirement income solutions based entirely on your unique profile.

How to Determine Your Retirement Income Implementation Option

Once you know your strategy, you need to know how best to implement it.

How to Identify Your Retirement Income Beliefs

The old way never addressed how to manage your portfolio in retirement. Investing in retirement is different.

How Psychological Factors Impact your Retirement Income Behaviors & Outlook

And How They Impact Investment Behavior and Retirement Outcomes

Case Studies

Seeing Eye to Eye

When spouses have different retirement income preferences.

Time in the market

A retirement income strategy based on sustainable withdrawals from an investment portfolio.

What If?

A retirement income strategy based on market participation and income guardrails.

A Bird in the Hand

A protected retirement income strategy that is untethered to stock market volatility.

Rainy Day

A retirement income strategy based on matching short term expenses while capturing potential market growth over the longer term.

Research Papers

Retirement Income Beliefs and Financial Advice Seeking Behaviors

This investigation identifies and validates a series of salient behavioral finance and psychological constructs that influence retirement income planning.

A Model Approach to Selecting a Personalized Retirement Income Strategy

This study identifies and validates a set of scorable retirement income factors to define preferences for an overall retirement income style.