Episode 15: How Volatile Markets Affect Your Investor Psychology and What You Can Do About It

Wade and Alex take the events from the current market downturn and discuss how our psychological make up becomes our own worst enemy when it comes to investment and retirement decisions we make under times of extreme market volatility.
We discuss how you…

Episode 14: What to Make of the Current Market Downturn

In this episode we invite Bob French to discuss what has been happening lately in the stock and bond markets. We review the why, the how, and whether we think it may or may not continue. We also discuss how to think about this downturn within the context…

Episode 13: How to Start Your Retirement Income Plan With Our Financial Implementation Matrix

In this episode, Wade and Alex discuss how retirement income self-efficacy and perceived advisor usefulness can be used to identify the four main implementation personas. They are Delegators, Collaborators, Self-Directed, and Validators personas.
In addi…

Episode 12: Psychological Factors That Affect Your Retirement Plan Implementation

In this episode we examine the various psychological and behavioral factors. They include Loss Aversion, Heuristics- Financial Biases, Inertia, Numeracy, Numeracy self-awareness, Retirement Income Self-efficacy, and perceived Advisor Usefulness.
We asses…

White Papers

How the Retirement Income Style Awareness Informs Retirement Income Recommendations

But our Retirement Income Style Awareness (RISA®) tool identifies retirement income solutions based entirely on your unique profile.

How to Select a Retirement Income Strategy that is Right For You

But our Retirement Income Style Awareness (RISA®) tool identifies retirement income solutions based entirely on your unique profile.

How to Determine Your Retirement Income Implementation Option

Once you know your strategy, you need to know how best to implement it.

How to Identify Your Retirement Income Beliefs

The old way never addressed how to manage your portfolio in retirement. Investing in retirement is different.

How Psychological Factors Impact your Retirement Income Behaviors & Outlook

And How They Impact Investment Behavior and Retirement Outcomes

Case Studies

Seeing Eye to Eye

When spouses have different retirement income preferences.

Time in the market

A retirement income strategy based on sustainable withdrawals from an investment portfolio.

What If?

A retirement income strategy based on market participation and income guardrails.

A Bird in the Hand

A protected retirement income strategy that is untethered to stock market volatility.

Rainy Day

A retirement income strategy based on matching short term expenses while capturing potential market growth over the longer term.

Research Papers

Retirement Income Beliefs and Financial Advice Seeking Behaviors

This investigation identifies and validates a series of salient behavioral finance and psychological constructs that influence retirement income planning.

A Model Approach to Selecting a Personalized Retirement Income Strategy

This study identifies and validates a set of scorable retirement income factors to define preferences for an overall retirement income style.