Episode 92: Understanding an Advisor’s ADV Part 2 brochure to evaluate how an advisor may work with you – Part 1.

In today’s episode, Alex and Ryan discuss McLean Asset Management’s ADV Part 2. It is the SEC-mandated document that an advisor provides to prospects and existing clients at least once a year. The ADV Part 2 serves as your user manual for working with your advisor. We use McLean’s ADV to serve as a baseline for these episodes. In this episode, we discuss: 

  1. What constitutes material changes in an update note
  2. How to evaluate the stated services and advisor will provide
  3. The Fee and Compensation Model for the advisor  


Click here to watch this video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Kx0rVQZm9j4?si=cqD50cwoTY3B0gXi

To download McLean’s ADV Part 2, click here: https://www.mcleanam.com/adv2a 

You can reach our guest Ryan Walters by visiting: https://rialawyers.com/ 

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If you are an individual consumer and would like to be directed to our sister firm McLean Asset Management you can get in touch at: https://www.mcleanam.com/start/


This episode is sponsored by McLean Asset Management. Visit https://www.mcleanam.com/roth/ to download McLean’s free eBook, “Is a Roth Conversion Right For You?”

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