Episode 94: Understanding an Advisor’s ADV Part 2 brochure to evaluate how an advisor may work with you – Part3.

Alex and Ryan continue to discuss McLean’s ADV Part 2. It is the SEC-mandated document that an advisor provides to prospects and to existing clients at least once a year. The ADV Part 2 serves as your user manual for working with your advisor. We use McLean’s ADV to serve as a baseline for these episodes. In this episode, we discuss: 

  • An advisor’s code of ethics and how that translates into best practices for the business and client relationship.  
  • The role of the custodian and trading relationships with other institutional partners.
  • How often and how do advisors review your investment accounts? What are they holding themselves accountable to?
  • Referral fees. Do advisors receive fees for recommending other services or for referrals to other professionals? Conversely, do advisors pay fees for receiving referrals?
  • The difference between investment discretion and non-discretion in the management of your assets.
  • Assessing an advisor’s financial well-being.

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