Introducing the Inaugural RISA Advisory Board (and more January launch news!)

As we get closer to officially launching the RISA to the full market in January of 2023, I’m thrilled to announce the formation of our inaugural Advisory Board, packed with some of the industry’s brightest, most innovative minds in fintech growth, retirement income and wealth management:

  • John Faustino, head of Fi360, Broadridge’s fiduciary education and technology business. Faustino, a visionary in the retirement income space, also founded the Retirement Income Consortium, and has tremendous experience growing fintech startups from soup to nuts.
  • Ryan Beach, President of Orion Wealth Management, who has been instrumental in helping Orion become a fintech industry leader, brings deep expertise building and developing relationships with a variety of wealth management firms to the advisory board.
  • David Lau, founder and CEO of DPL Financial Partners, a legendary financial services innovator leading the charge in bringing awareness to the different retirement income solutions available to advisors and their consumers, and removing fee barriers to their adoption. Through his career, David has earned a reputation for identifying points of friction and smoothing them out – in the banking space, annuity space and now the advisory space.
  • Kelly Waltrich, co-founder and CEO of and former CMO at both Orion and eMoney, whose strategic guidance, marketing ingenuity and deep understanding of the nuanced fintech audiences have accelerated growth for financial technology companies spanning start-ups to established enterprises.
  • Bonnie Treichel, founder and Chief Solutions Officer of Endeavor Retirement, who brings both experience as an Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) attorney and as a retirement plan advisor to the RISA Advisory Board, and whose mastery of fiduciary guidelines will help the RISA facilitate for advisors and their clients the matching of appropriate retirement income strategies.
  • Michael Finke, Ph.D., Professor of Wealth Management and Frank M. Engle Distinguished Chair in Economic Security Research at The American College of Financial Services, who is considered one of the top five researchers in the retirement income space. Being able to incorporate his ongoing knowledge into the RISA will enable continuous improvement of the tool and ultimately better advisor-client outcomes.

On behalf of both Wade and myself, I’d like to welcome these tremendous minds to the RISA Advisory Board. We’re so grateful for their belief in the RISA vision of giving advisors the tools they need to more deeply understand their clients’ retirement income preferences, and identify the personalized strategies that best fit their individual needs.

And because we believe our Board members are true business partners, we’d like to help you get to know them better through a series of episodes on the Retire with Style podcast – beginning today, November 21! Click here to tune in.

Finally, I wanted to share that we’ll be bringing the RISA to the broader market in January 2023, beginning with a masterclass webinar, NAME, on Monday, January 23. During the live session, Wade and I will offer strategies and insights for advisors to help them maximize the impact RISA can have on both their clients’ retirement outcomes and their own firms.

The webinar will also kick off the start of a 4-6 week cohort training program, additional Q&A sessions, and open office hours.

Sign up here to save your spot for the webinar! We can’t wait to see you there.